Amal International School | Staff
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Amal Staff

The School staff comprises a mix of teachers from all communities, all of whom are experienced in their fields. This enthusiastic, dedicated team seeks to stimulate independence of thought and a thirst for knowledge within every child whilst also encouraging a conscientious and diligent approach to study. Our staff is fully committed and dedicated to the proposition of our fore fathers that imparting knowledge is the only way to build a disciplined society for a greater development and a better tomorrow.

All full time teachers have university degrees and proven relevant experience. Many of them are of highest caliber who have first-hand knowledge of the latest developments in the education system.

Our in-house staff training programme succeeds in keeping teachers abreast of all current changes in educational resources and curricula.

Throughout the School, a high teacher to student rapport enables the staff to enforce discipline and monitor closely each child’s progress within the warmth and intimacy of a family atmosphere. Thus each member can learn to grow in self-confidence and ability.

At Amal International School every member of the staff is united in the belief that each child is an individual capable of excelling in at least one sphere, Students are encouraged always to give of their personal best, both at work and at play, and thus to achieve their full potential.