Amal International School | Principal’s message
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mini-DSC_0464Amal is an Arabic term which means action. Amal has been in action since 1991. The journey started with  a humble beginning; continued with a steady growth and now it has started to walk with firm steps full of muscle, clout and power of a robust young lad. Alhamdulillah, achieving the targets, envisaged by the founders two and half decades ago, is not far away.

Divine guidance and right knowledge are two undeniable visions every human must possess. So Amalians never forget to pray “ Oh Allah, advance me in knowledge”. Today the world acclaims of rapid skyscrapers which a person can reach the roof top in a jiffy, inventions which the world would not have even imagined of a few months ago, advancement of technology which has taken man on tour to other planets. On the contrary human values- the most precious core elements of man- are pathetically sought after.

We can be contented that we are on the track to inculcate both these among the budding youths who come to the Amal doorstep.

I seek the merciful touch of the Almighty Allah to this institute and pray Him to grant success in all our endeavours.

“Not Managing a School for today,

        but leading a school for tomorrow.”