who we are

Amal International School currently follows the Local-Curriculum, which is a subject-formatting set by the Ministry of Education that is now being followed by the majority of schools of Sri Lanka. Just like its neighbouring schools, AIS hold annual extracurricular such as:

The annual awards ceremony
Educational tours
English Day
Islamic Day
Sports Meet

The annual Aquatic Meet is normally held as a different event when compared to the Sports Meet, although it is held relatively at the same period. And unlike the Sports Meet, Aquatic Meets are held about once in two years or less often. Field-trips and touring activities were held at an unusually low rate when compared to other schools, at an average of about once in three years. But this significantly improved when the government declared victory over the Sri Lankan Civil War in May 2009.

Amal National Pledge

“We the citizens of Sri Lanka pledge ourselves
as one united people, regardless of race,
language and religion to build
a Democratic Society based on Justice and
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.”

School Anthem

Naseeru Khalfal Mustafa
Waraashideenal Khulafa
Wasahbeehil Akhyar Man alamannasal wafaah
We salute this fair isle of our birth
In Allah is our faith
Parents and teachers they’re our strength
“Amal” our Alma Mater our wealth
“Amal Amal here we pledge to you
Growth in wisdom, virtue
Round the flag of green and gold
We are here both the young and old
No race, nor caste, nor colour, nor creed
It’s Islam’s call we heed
The Silver Star and crescent moon
Inspire us both night and noon
Come! and let us sing a single strain
In unity, bound by loves strong chain
Let us go forth together as one
Strive till a better tomorrow’s won
Oh Allah grant on earth life peaceful
And in the life next be merciful.